Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a persistent, compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance that is harmful to oneself or others. Therefore, when anxiety/depression increases then the addiction behavior also increases. One of the causes of addiction is an environmental factor that can increase addiction gene expression, especially in a state of fear. This was evident in reaction to COVID-19 in 2020 during which time depression and anxiety reached highest level in years. Consequently, addiction also rose to all-time highs (59% increase with alcohol abuse and highest ever drug overdoses recorded in 2020). The key component to an addiction is the compulsive behavior reward system, and our customized treatment plan can help you overcome your compulsive addictive behavior.

We offer medical treatment plans that may help you rise above your addictions and give you the control of your own life again. We help treat following addictions.

  • Gaming Addiction.
  • Internet Addiction.
  • Pornography Addiction.
  • Gambling Addiction.
  • Alcohol Addiction.
  • Addiction to Fear (which worsens all other addictions)

Our addiction treatment plan consists of 4 months of management which includes: consultation, bi-weekly follow-up, oral medications, labs, and urine tests. If a patient is a candidate, then we may also offer minimal invasive surgical implants to help fight your addiction. The reason our program is 4 months long is because the relapse rate (going back to the addiction) is the highest within 90 days after ones’ quitting – we are here to provide you with the highest probability to succeed in your journey. Our treatment benefits the patient the best when combined with your regular psychosocial therapies, family support and spiritual counseling. Please contact us for more information.