Helping You Rise Above Your Pain

AG Simply Medicine

AG Simply Medicine is a simple solution to healthcare that focuses on the Physician-patient relationship. AG Simply Medicine provides high quality medical care at an affordable price. Patients no longer have to worry about additional copays/deductibles n order to provide patient focused medical care. This has allowed us to provide complete and successful treatments. Treatment plan should be directed by patient-physician relationship not by a third party, just Simply Medicine.

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Helping You Rise Above Your Pain.

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“I highly recommend AG Pain Management. I had such a positive experience. After 5 months of severe pain and one visit to Dr. Gupta, I’m almost pain free. I have no doubt that with Dr. Gupta’s continued support, I will be 100% pain free. He was so knowledgeable about my shoulder condition and knew exactly what to do. His approach was kind and gentle and, thanks to his clear explanation, I left I left with a much better understanding of the healing process. I knew I was in good hands.”

Tulsi D

My PCP referred me to Dr. Gupta because I was in pain due to sciatica and was having difficulty going up and down stairs. Today, I am pain free and have no problems with stairs. Dr.Gupta is conservative in his treatment. He listens and is compassionate. I highly recommend him!”

John B

“has treated me twice to provide me an active lifestyle ie; skiing, yoga, cycling. They do a great job for athletes as well as daily life!”

Mark C

I really can’t say enough about AG Pain Management, Dr. Gupta and his staff. They are very caring and take the time to really help you and pin point your needs and do what is best for you. So many doctors just throw medication at you and send you on your way. When I first started seeing Dr. Gupta I was only able to walk one block. Now I walk between 3-5 miles a day. They have helped me manage my pain. The staff, Josie and Betty go out of there way to answer questions and care for you. I wouldn’t see any other pain management doctor, no way!!”


“Dr. Grupta is a very compassionate doctor. He takes time to analyze your symptoms & in return prescribe the best care. His staff is beyond efficient & lovely! To date, my experience & treatment has surpassed my expectations!”


“Dr Gupta has made my life easier…. he has successfully managed my husband’s leg and back pain. He is very professional and doesn’t talk down to you!  His staff is so efficient and their follow up is amazing.  No waiting around in the office for your appointment, he knows our time is important also.  I highly recommend him for pain management.”


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